Ude's Utes

Here is a selection of my home-cooked utilities. They are only small, but they work for me.. each includes complete source code, and HTML-based documentation. They all work on a 386 with 2Mb of RAM; some don't need Windows. They are all completely free to use, copy, modify, distribute etc. The tools are a mix of DOS batch language, compiled QBASIC, HTML and JavaScript; the EXE's are based on this code library.
MD5 checksum: F27B6E5B62CE52CA677D02DC925C1C20

check 0.07  compares the contents of the current directory with the contents of the target drive. This is useful when a subdirectory tree has been burned to CD. CHECK will also verify the integrity of each file on the target drive. Directory comparison can be skipped. CHECK can log everything it does to disk.
MD5 checksum: 889C5ADD64EC93ABF4747F81F3408783

diskfree 0.09  obtains total and free diskspace from a list of drive letters. It then reports to screen and/or to disk. Useful for remote monitoring. Includes automode. Supports FAT-16/FAT-32/NTFS and mapped network drives.
MD5 checksum: CDA61897332EC2B32FB1139A7C150E9C

netscan 0.07  is a network connectivity scanner. It can scan a list of IP addresses, and resolve their computername, name table, and shared resources. It can do a quick ping, just to verify connections. It can also verify that the TCP/IP stack, LAN and internet connections are functional. All test results are logged to file.
MD5 checksum: 5B20EBEBC52B56B5E8213E0BBCC15869

nettest 1.0  displays and optionally tests Windows' TCP/IP network settings. It is intended to simply, quickly and easily check internet connectivity on client workstations. nettest autodetects all required settings and requires no user input. nettest supports an optional INI file, and optional logging.
MD5 checksum: 04717FEAE92F03B8DD0DCC89F0840EFE

numshow 1.07  converts decimal numbers to binary, hex and octal, converts binary numbers to decimal, hex and octal, hexadecimal numbers to decimal and to octal, and encoded hexadecimal strings to ASCII. It can also display a formatted table of ASCII characters and their codes onscreen; pressing a key at this point will display the keycode associated with that key. Supports extended keypresses (eg. Home, Ctrl-Right-Arrow). NUMSHOW can also measure its performance.
MD5 checksum: 874EE23E7692C16F92A301BF1A8F7A66

pack 1.82  is a DOS batch file that automates archive management. Features in brief: - converts archives from ACE, ARC, ARJ, LHA, LZH, PAK, RAR, SDN, ZIP and ZOO to ZIP or RAR; can also create new archives from scratch - supports subdirs and nested subdirs - supports long filenames - deletes headers from source archives - maximises compression/minimises space - strips attributes from all extracted files and scans them for viruses - can log to disk; has "auto" mode - configuration via variables - solid error handling - batch conversion capability
MD5 checksum: 74E8F37BFA10D3D3AFE0C99619D7BC27

pgpshell 0.06  PGPSHELL is an easy-to-use front-end for PGP and GPG. Supports major functions, including symmetric encryption and decryption.
MD5 checksum: BC5A6C6787DCFB66EE0794E1FC883740

stamp 0.04  is a simple tool to create logfile entries with timestamps. Often a script (or batchfile) will want to report at various stages of its progress. STAMP allows the script to make a one-line entry to STDOUT (the console) which can then be redirected to a logfile. STAMP automatically prefixes the current date and time to the logfile entry. STAMP also inserts a single "flag" character at the very beginning of the entry. Finally, STAMP can insert a "program identifier" into the entry, so that the script making the entry can identify itself. STAMP is fully command-line driven, requires no extra files, and does not need to be installed in any particular location.
MD5 checksum: 09B9E742977BA564275935219AFA608B

store 1.42  is a directory archiving and backup tool; compresses a source directory into an archive/optionally remove original files. When the files are next needed, STORE extracts the archive/optionally deletes it. STORE can also be used for layered periodic backups, and for backing up critical system files. It can report, and also logs everything it does to disk. STORE supports ZIP and RAR compression, long file names, subdirectories and nested subdirectories, and has solid error handling and HTML-based documentation. Includes management tool.
MD5 checksum: E6544A8DC5ECBABADD5DFEC6A4552EF0