Copyright 1994 - 2002, Stuart Udall

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version 1.06: September 8, 2002

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NUMSHOW can convert a decimal number to binary, hexadecimal and octal.

It can also convert a binary string to decimal, hexadecimal and octal.

It can also convert a hexadecimal string to decimal, and octal.

It can also convert an encoded hexadecimal string to ASCII - strings such as '%6B%3D%75%6E%65%73%63' can be converted neatly to 'k=unesc'.

NUMSHOW can also display a formatted table of ASCII values onscreen. Pressing a key will display the ASCII, hex and octal values associated with that keypress. NUMSHOW supports extended keypresses (eg. Home, or Ctrl-Right-Arrow).

NUMSHOW can also benchmark the speed of the computer.
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  • full BASIC source is provided

  • the following points are this program's terms and conditions of use:
  1. this program is hereafter known as "the Software"
  2. the Software comes with no warranty and is used at your own risk
  3. the Software is not (and will never be) complete and as such may behave strangely
  4. the Software is the copyrighted property of the author
  5. the Software is freely distributable
  6. there is a feedback form here
  7. the Software is shareware - if you like it, please register by sending a cheque or money order for 10 pounds sterling to the following address:
    Stuart Udall
    PO Box 2855
    United Kingdom W1A 6LW
    Registering does two things:

    1. encourages me, and helps me buy bread, water etc
    2. lets me email you when I make a new version

    The software provided is fully functional however and nothing will happen if you never register. Except I may die, and you may miss out on an important bugfix. :)

    Thankyou in advance. If you want me to email you with updates etc., don't forget to include your email address!

    A printable form is here.

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  1. run the self-extracting distribution archive

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  1. run NUMSHOW.EXE

    Note: NUMSHOW does not require configuration prior to use.

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  • Press Escape to exit.

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  • doesn't directly convert from hex to binary

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  • none just at the minute

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19940.01initial development - binary converter only
19950.02developed ASCII table generator
19960.03added keypress display, benchmarking tool
19990.04HTML documentation, EXE distribution
20001.04combined functionality, upgraded interface, added hex and octal conversion
20011.05added hexadecimal to decimal conversion, repackaged as self-extracting archive
20021.06added encoded hexadecimal string to ASCII conversion

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