recovering data from an NTFS partition
October 21, 2007


solution 1

Take ownership of the user directories in question:

  1. Right-click on c:\documents and settings\username
  2. select properties
  3. click the security tab
  4. untick the box, [ ] Allow inheritable permissions from parent to propagate this object
  5. click Advanced
  6. click the Owner tab
  7. click either Administrator or Administrators
  8. tick the box [ ] Replace owner on subcontainers and objects
  9. click OK
  10. copy the files you need to copy

solution 2

Escalate your privileges to SYSTEM:

  1. click Start.. Run...
  2. type CMD and press Enter
  3. note the current system time
  4. type AT time /interactive c:\winnt\system32\cmd.exe (where time is the current time, plus 2 mins)
  5. wait 2 minutes - a new command prompt window will appear
  6. type Explorer and press Enter, or run your favorite file manager - the new command prompt window, and all tasks spawned by it, are running as SYSTEM
  7. copy the files you need to copy

Use this method when the first method fails, which may happen on some objects, including the Recycle Bin.