Copyright 2000 - 2005, Stuart Udall

important bits
configuration and startup
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revision history

version 0.09: June 5, 2005


DISKFREE summarises available diskspace on multiple drive letters. The drives it checks are defined by config file. A report is made to screen and/or to disk. Reports written to disk also contain the computername and the operating system of the computer running the program.

DISKFREE works with FAT-16, FAT-32, and NTFS 4 and 5 partitions, and also mapped network drives.

DISKFREE runs in "auto" or manual mode.

DISKFREE can be used to remotely monitor diskspace - the remote manager must simply access the report file. DISKFREE must run in order to update this file, however.

DISKFREE is configured with a text-based INI file, however this file is not required to run.

  important bits

  • requires MS-DOS 7.x or later

  • the following points are this program's terms and conditions of use:
  1. This program is hereinafter known as "the Software".
  2. The Software comes with no warranty and is used at your own risk.
  3. The Software is not (and will never be) complete and as such may behave strangely.
  4. The Software is the copyrighted property of the author.
  5. The Software may be distributed freely.
  6. The Software may NOT be incorporated into a commercial work without prior written permission from the author.
  7. The Software is "donateware" - you can choose your amount, and pay with Paypal! Donating will encourage me to create more tools. If you do decide to donate, thankyou in advance; the form is here.

There is a feedback form here.

  1. run the self-extracting distribution archive

  • Note: DISKFREE does not require DISKFREE.INI in the same directory as itself at startup, however if it finds it, it will use it.

  configuration and startup

  1. edit DISKFREE.INI and change the list of drive letters to check. The list is in the format CDE if you want to check drives C:, D: and E:

  2. edit DISKFREE.INI and change the name of the output file. This file will be a textfile once it's made.

  3. edit DISKFREE.INI and if you like, change AUTO to YES. Doing this will suppress most screen output, and won't wait for a keypress before exiting, or on a non-critical error.

    Note: if you don't define these, DISKFREE will check drive C:, won't write to disk, and wait for a keypress.

  controls and methods

  • type DISKFREE from the command line

    This will cause DISKFREE to start. A report will be sent to disk, and to the screen if DISKFREE is in manual mode.

    Here is a sample report:

    report generated Jan 2, 2003 15:05:14 by diskfree 0.08 (c) 2000 - 2003 Stuart Udall

    computer name: dr33mah
    operating system: Windows 98 [Version 4.10.2222]

    C:/vol SYS-IDE/3144089600 bytes total/1894408192 bytes free/39% in use
    D:/vol DATA1-IDE1/2146467840 bytes total/1445691392 bytes free/32% in use
    E:/vol DATA-2-IDE/3144085504 bytes total/1272139776 bytes free/59% in use
    F:/vol DATA-1-SCSI/2146467840 bytes total/92078080 bytes free/95% in use

    Note: if in AUTO mode, DISKFREE behaves slightly differently. It will always append to the report file, if it exists. And, the report is in CSV (comma-separated-value) format, like this:

    diskfree 0.09,06-05-2005,18:48:32,dr33mah4,C:,vol SYS,3669483520 bytes total,2363572224 bytes free,35% in use,Windows 98 [Version 4.10.2222]
    diskfree 0.09,06-05-2005,18:48:32,dr33mah4,D:,vol DATA1-IDE2,6137.84 Mb total,1984.10 Mb free,67% in use,Windows 98 [Version 4.10.2222]
    diskfree 0.09,06-05-2005,18:48:32,dr33mah4,E:,vol DATA1-IDE1,15947.39 Mb total,6037.84 Mb free,62% in use,Windows 98 [Version 4.10.2222]
    diskfree 0.09,06-05-2005,18:48:32,dr33mah4,K:,vol DATA1-IDE2,8040.25 Mb total,1638.13 Mb free,79% in use,Windows 98 [Version 4.10.2222]

  issues and limitations

  • May have issues with huge drives under XP.

  planned improvements

  • define parameters from commandline (to eliminate need for INI file)

  revision history

March 11, 20000.01initial development; basic diskspace recovery routines
March 14, 20000.02added computername reporting
March 16, 20000.03added HTML documentation
March 17, 20000.04added write to disk
January 9, 20010.05added manual mode, distributed as SFX
December 14, 20010.06tweaks, bugfixes and cosmetic changes
September 8, 20020.07applied new BAPI
January 2, 20030.08added NT/2K/NTFS support and operating system reporting
June 5, 20050.09bugfix


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