troubleshooting printing with CUPS under FreeBSD
June 29, 2007

Print jobs can get stuck at various points:

To clear a stuck job:

  1. turn off the printer
  2. reboot the workstation
  3. reset the CUPS queue for that printer in the CUPS control panel (see below)
  4. reset the print server (using the CUPS control panel may work, if not, try a power cycle)

To reset the CUPS queue (the CUPS control panel may say 'LPR failed'):

  1. access the control panel
  2. click printers
  3. check for all green lights - any red or orange are issues, yellow means 'in use'
  4. stop the printer with issues
  5. cancel all jobs
  6. start the printer

Notes on accessing the CUPS control panel:

CUPS logs: