William S. Steinman
                                             15043 Rosalita Dr.
                                             La Mirada, Calif.
Stanton T. Friedman
110 Kings College Rd.
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E2B 2E7
                                             May 18, 1984

Dear Stan:

        This is a follow-up to my letter to you, dated 3-21-84, Ref.
Members of The Research and Development Board in 1949 and 1950 - Dr.
Eric A. Walker in particular.
        I understand, through Bill Moore, that you have contacted Dr.
Eric A. Walker, and that you feel quite sure that he is the man that
Sarbacher mentioned who attended all of the crashed-recovered saucer
meetings. Has he given you any indication that he was briefed officially
on that critical subject matter? If so, just exactly what did he tell you?
Could you forward his latest mailing address to me?
        I have been working on the roll that Army Counterintelligence
played in the recovery of the flying saucers and have come up with some
quite substantial leads. Also, as Bill Moore has probably already
shared with you, I have contacted and interviewed Mrs. Eric Henry Wang,
who verified that her husband was involved with the recovery, analysis,
and attempted duplication of flying saucers. Through her, I also obtained
the name of the man who was, and may still be, in charge of the whole
flying saucer program. He, at least, was the man who Dr. Wang reported to
and who visited at the Wang residence quite frequently. He may be the man
who originated and maintains the security lid which so tightly covers the
whole program. She gave me this mans name, when I explained to her, in
such an emphatic way, that my main goal is (which it really is) to persuade
the government, to turn these flying saucers over to the total scientific
community for the proper attention that they deservd. Moore probably
discussed this mans name to you (H.A.K.).
        Stan, I understand that we are stirring up that "can of worms",
officials are becoming very concerned. I believe that is necessary to
preclude the lifting of the 37+ years old security lid. The hinges to the
lid are rusty, the key may be hard to turn in the lock; but with a little
oil applied, I believe we will succeed. But I hope the lid isnt really the
lid to "Pandoras Box".
        Please get back with me as soon as you possible can, and please
continue to "work on" Dr. Eric A. Walker.

                                Very Sincerely
                                WM Steinman

P.S. - Read Dr. H.A.K (Henry Kissenger) impressive early biographys
       He was in Army Counterintelligence (1942-1958) He was a
       consultant to the Psychological Strategy Board (1952), He
       was a consultant to several govt. Projects involving security,
       weaponery, etc, etc.