Robert _____ ______, a young man in his early 20's came to
work at my shop as a temporary help during the 2nd week of
October 1986.  The first day at work, he approached me asking
about my interest in the UFO phenomenon.  Then he smiled,
paused, and waited for my reaction.  I told him that I was
interested, particularly in the crash/recovery of saucers and
bodies of occupants.  That I was secondly interested in the
rumors pertaining to an "alien" and intelligence group
alliance set up years ago.

He then told me he would reveal something to me pertaining to
my second interest as mentioned above.  He told me the
following (condensed by me):

1.  He was in the military headquartered with the 4th
Engineering Group at Fort Carson, Colorado.  Just got out 2
months prior to the date of telling me this.

2.  He showed me a military I.D. card from Fort Carson and
another with a strange checker board design on it.

3.  He  said he had a Super Top Secret clearance and worked
as a laboratory assistant in southwestern Colorado associated
with the Delta Group out of Fort Carson.

4.  He witnessed cryogenic experimentation going on with
human beings.  This experimentation was conducted by both
"aliens" and some Super Secret intelligence group.

5.  "Some high ranking military and scientific personnel were
taken down to cryogenic temperatures through a process of
draining their blood and pumping a chemical mixtur into the
circulatory system to prevent cell destruction during the
freezing and thawing periods."  "The "aliens" were the only
ones who knew the mixture formula and the gradual thawing
process.  They at first refused to give the formula and
process to the scientific team, and threatened to leave the
above mentioned personnel in that cryogenic state forever
unless the scientists cooperated on some certain issues."

6.  He also told me about some "alien" technics concerning
time travel, Dimensional travel, related to unified field

After revealing these seemingly fantastic things to me over a
3 week period of time he quit the temporary fob here.  I
finally found out that his father Robert _________ Sr.
(Robert used to be Robert _________ Jr. before his father and
mother divorced and he took the name of his mothers second
husband, ______.)  worked with me in the metal finishing
department.  The following was told to me by Robert _________
Sr. on Dec 16, 1986:

"On the evening of Wednesday, Dec. 3, 1986, my son Robert
______ called me via the telephone (he hadn't been home for
over a week) he soundeed as if he were scared to death.  He
said   I have to go back to Colorado immediatly.  I asked
why.  He said,  The bounty hunters found me and told me that
I had to go back with them to the base in Colorado because I
know to much.  I asked if there were any way he could beat
them and get out of it?  Robert stated,  They said there is
no way out.  In fact the chief bounty hunter confronted me
face to face.

Evidently Robert Jr. tried to beat the bounty hunters.  His
alleged body was found in room #5 of the Walls Motel in Long
Beach, California, with a gun in his hand and a bullet hole
through his head.   Drugs were found in the room, but not in
his body.  (he was not the drug type).

The Long Beach Police Dept. investigated the case which ended
very abruptly with no explanation.  When I asked them why the
case was closed so quickly, they snapped back,  Its none of
your business.  The final autopsy report stated that the
death was a drug related suicide.

I was not allowed to see the body for one solid week.  I
would call the police, they would say the body was at the
funeral parlor.  The funeral parlor would say we don't have
the body.  This went on back and forth for that one solid
week.  (Dec. 5th - Dec. 12th, 1986)  When I was finally
allowed to view the body, I immediatly could tell it was not
him!!  This body, alleged to be Robert ______, was about 20
Lbs heavier and about 3 to 4 inches shorter than my son.
That was not Robert even tho the basic facial feature's were

One very significant thing that Robert stated to me before
his alleged death was,  Dad, they are comming to take me
away.  I will give you a code name ______________ (only
Robert and his father know that code name).  If you receive a
letter, telephone call, or by messenger, sometime in the
future, this code name, you will know that I am alive.  They
need me for my special DNA, that is why I have to go back.

Robert has special Occult Powers and has an interest in witch
craft.  he says all of this UFO stuff is directly related to
witch craft and the occult.

In February - April 1987 both Robert _________ Sr. and myself
were under surveillance by what we considered an agent from
the cover-up group.  He went by the name of John Chunn.  We
finally confronted him face to face concerning all of this.
Needless to say he quit work that day and never came back.
Robert Sr.  has been harassed several times by an individual
who wanted Robert Sr. to go to the 4 corners area with him .
On April 16, 1987, he said he would reunite him with his son.
_________ backed out the last minute.

Later Robert Sr. was picked up by the police for no reason at
all and held for one week.  When he hot back home he found
out that his place had been ransacked.

On Nov. 9, 1987, a person riding a motercycle and dressed
like a biker approached _________ identifying himsself as Lt.
eed or Reade and claimed that he had a Top Secret clearance
and had access to the files pertaining to the projects that
his son was still involved in.  He said that he would place
_________ in touch with Robert ______ and said he was working
in an underground base.  He said you cannot find this base on
any maps or in any military directories.

Robert ______  was in the following unit.

FBG 31905
Fort Carson, Colorado

His Commanding Officer was Capt. Dana _. ______

Well ____ there it is for what it is worth.  You can get in
touch with Robert Sr. at _________________________________

(NOTE!  All names addresses and phone numbers are in the
original document and all of this information checks out with
the Long Beach Police Dept. and with Robert Sr. whom I have
talked to.  The information was sent to a friend of mine in
exactly this form and he forwarded it to me in exactly the
form that I have typed it to disc.   Bill Cooper)