the Revelation

the Revelation:

"All that god stuff is about confusing the message with the person who was sending it."

"God" is an extra-terrestrial.. or rather.. a species of extra-terrestrials.. or rather.. a metaphor for a community of species of extra-terrestrials.. or rather.. a metaphor for a whole heap of communities of fantastically wise and benevolent extra-terrestrial beings.

They have shared with us their wisdom and knowledge concerning mathematics, astronomy, our calendar, language, writing, agriculture, medicine, science, and philosophy. They are facilitating the evolution of our species.. perhaps of many species; of Earth itself. And probably that of other planets as well; we have brothers and sisters, all over the galaxy.

Because we had not had the Revelation, each time they came, they sparked new religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hare Krishna. Some of the gods in these faiths are static, in that they do not reappear, while others have reappeared already, while others are scheduled to appear in the future.

This is a pattern of recurrent visitations, with consequent blossoms of human endeavour.

They are beautiful.. they are messengers of peace, learning, and happiness.

the Book

Their ultimate goal is to wean us into the galactic Revelated Species Club - the Galactic Confederation - known as prakRti or Parvati. This elite club trades information and resources, all the time, everywhere. The Parvati FAQ is known to us as the Book. It contains the body of knowledge and wisdom Parvati has learned from all her members over the millenia. The goal of Parvati is to constantly improve the Book, and provide a framework for dialogue between members. This is very promising. When we join Parvati, we pass a copy of our body of knowledge and wisdom to her for inclusion in the FAQ. The FAQ is also known as the Encyclopaedia Galactica.

The passing of the Book to us is sometimes known as a Blessing, the process of being Saved. It really is saved - a new copy of the Book is disseminated, and life has propagated. To celebrate the event, there is a salutation (the Word, the sound "Om" - as in "Umm...", what you say when you don't know something) which is spoken prior to the transfer. During the actual exchange, "eyes of truth meet eyes of truth", and the Book is passed to us. We acknowledge our acceptance of the Book by uttering the sound "Ahh" - a Revelation-like sound if there ever was one. Ahh as in Bramha, Shiva, Jehovah, Rama, Buddha, Krishna, Allah.. webmastahh. God acknowledges our acceptance with "a laying on of hands" - an eight-handed handshake, by the looks of it. And then, presumably, a spliff all round!


There is a three-stage process in attaining Enlightenment (or god-realisation). The three aspects of God is a common element that is found in each of the faiths in question.

The crucial principle to consider here is that some names found in religion are not people, they are events.. they are a point in our collective spiritual awareness... a significant event that changed the way an entire culture thought of itself, and the universe, and that culture's position within it. Names are metaphors - a way of referring to that event. Other names are also metaphors for the attributes of a particular person - an adjective.. or for communities of people. Some of these people or communities are ETs.

 Brahma, father of man

  1. known as Brahma, or Father, or Aleph, or the creation of our relationship to God. This is the initial Visitation by Parvati to Earth, and the first Blessing.
  2. known as the son, or Mem, it has lots of smaller steps (the thousand names of Vishnu), each step being a Visitation by an avatar of Vishnu - a representative of Parvati - each time, developing our knowledge and wisdom. These smaller steps keep occurring until we have the Revelation.
  3. the final stage of Enlightenment occurs upon the visit immediately after our Revelation. Here, we meet Shiva, or Shin, who destroys any remaining illusions by confirming his extra-terrestrial origins. At this point, our previous faiths become "holy ghosts" (dogmas of the past).

Hopefully, once we are Enlightened, we will be welcomed into Parvati.. a galactic community. This might be what Judgement Day means.. did we learn to be responsible with our knowledge? Do we know the meaning of ethical?

There is, of course, an element yet to be defined; our interpretation of who God really is. Once we have separated, conceptually, the message from the messenger, and entertain a rapport with the differences between them, we are left to philosophise at their level; we can wonder what they worship - what were they trying to tell us? What is their message? They have told us of course.. it is nature, evolution, the natural paradigm; and their embodiment of that evolution, their collected wisdom, learning and knowledge, the Book - and dissemination of same. They worship and practice the dissemination and facilitation of life.

Note that the Ahh sound is at the end of the name. The name is the name of the Visit, while the Ahh sound remains suffixed. The Ahh sound occurs after each Visit - it's the noise we make when we learn something. The Judaist word Binah, which means "understanding", and the Hindu word Dharma, which means "meditation or concentration", may serve to illustrate this point.

Update 2013: I've now learned that some elements of Hinduism refer to the three aspects of God as the Trimurti. For comparison, Christianity has the Trinity.

the Real World

There are two bibles, the one you read, and one you read about - the second one is the Book. This fact arises due to the need to share the Book, whilst not having it stolen. This problem was solved with duplication, however due to imprecise methods, there were opportunities for creative reinterpretation during the duplication process. These inaccuracies will be revealed at the time of Shiva's visit.

The End Times may be scary. This is because they start from the moment of Revelation and end at the next Visit. The period in between is when we think we have worked it out, but we have to wait to see. It is a test of faith (in ourselves). The End Times may be particularly unpleasant, as our governments must have had the Revelation already.. and have not told us. This is because there is more than one copy of the Book.. they must know this. There is collusion between those with the Book - a calendestine World Government. The Revelation exposes them.. the NWO might get defensive.

The Devil is not a real alien and Hell is not a real place; they are metaphors for nasty people and the consequences of their actions. God is not a jealous god.. but he is admonishing us - "Israel is a Rebellious House" - for keeping the Revelation secret. There are nasty extra-terrestrials, but Parvati are not them.

Update 2006: I've just read about Bahai. It too suggests progressive revelation, integrating figures from each of the major religions. I quite like its globalist outlook as well.