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Control NumberNWDNC-263-COR1
MediaMaps and charts
Descr. LevelSeries
Record Group263
TitleMission Coverage Plots
Coverage Dates12/08/1960-08/22/1968
Creating Org.Central Intelligence Agency. Directorate of Intelligence. National Photographic Interpretation Center.
Record Type/GenreIndexes
Scope & ContentThese records pertain to certain missions flown by the CORONA and LANYARD photoreconnaissance satellite systems KH-2 through KH-4, KH-4A, KH-4B, and KH-6, between December 8, 1960, and August 22, 1968. They consist of plots depicting the comprehensive geographic coverage of each satellite pass over Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, and Australia. Passes over Cuba and neighboring islands are also recorded on these plots. Note that only those portions of each pass for which photography exists are included within the pass outlines. Note also that for the earlier missions areas of complete overcast, water coverage, and "camera off" have been omitted from the plots, but areas of limited coverage are included. In later missions, all frames are indicated, regardless of water coverage, total cloud cover, or a complete lack of imagery. By interpolation, researchers may determine the approximate frame numbers of the primary camera frames taken during these missions and use that information to access the imagery itself. Frontspieces to most of the documents in this series correlate specific photographic coverages for each pass to specific World Aeronautical Chart geographic areas.
ArrangementArranged numerically by mission number.
Finding Aids A list of specific missions for which mission coverage plots exist is available in the Cartographic and Architectural Research Room.
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Subject Ref.CORONA; LANYARD; Reconnaissance Satellite; KH-2; KH-3; KH-4; KH-4A; KH-4B; KH-6; Keyhole
Geographic Ref.Asia; Europe; Africa; Australia; Eastern Europe; China; Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; Middle East; Cuba; Haiti; India; Iran; Afghanistan; Egypt; South America
AccessUnrestricted -- declassified. EO 12951: Release of Imagery Acquired by Space-Based National Intelligence Reconnaissance Systems, February 22, 1995..
Containers-cs15--Suit Box, 20 inch Thin
Cf-copy set 1 1.610
Total Cubic Feet 1.610
Accession NumberNN3-263-96-1
Schedule NumberNC1-263-84-11 (Item 39)
ContactCartographic and Architectural Branch (NWDNC), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001 PHONE: 301-713-7040 FAX: 301-713-7488