Second of two-part excerpt from "Just Cause", newsletter of Citizens
 Against UFO Secrecy, regarding the controversial "Aquarius" memo, and
 "MJ 12".

What about  the data in  the "MJ12" report?  The date is  immediately
 telling. September 18,  1947, is the  birthday of the CIA,  the
 official first  day of their existence!  Is it  a coincidence or  a
 tell-tale  clue to  the document being  phony? Or  could this  report
 have  been one  of the  first orders  of business for the flegdling

The connection of the 1947 Roswell incident to this affair makes sense.
 Based on the  information unveiled  by Bill  Moore, Stan  Friedman and
 others, the Roswell  crash was  clearly a  major topic  in high
 government circles.   It strains credibility  to think that piles  of
 metallic debris would  have been sent to  Wright-Patterson AFB  in Ohio
 from  New Mexico  for analysis  if the material were  simply parts of
 what  should have been  an easily-recognizable radar reflector balloon
 to Army Air Force  officers.  After the arrival of the material at
 Wright-Patterson and  wherever else it  may have  gone, official
 documentation ceases.  No useful government  files describing analysis
 of the debris have been unearthed.  Obviously  analysis took place
 somewhere.  Where is the report? If the Roswell object were a strange
 device of some sort, then involvement of the individuals listed as MJ
 12 would make sense.

My first thoughts upon seeing this list of people is that if a UFO had
 crashed and was recovered, this  would be the kind of panel that I
 would want to put together to investigate the matter.  All of these
 individuals were at the top in their respective  areas of experience
 during  the late 1940's and  had the added benefit of government
 experience behind them.  The Majestic 12 indeed!

A number of  them were later involved  in the UFO phenomenon.   In fact,
 fully half of the panel would make a mark on UFO history during and
 after 1947:

o Hoyt  Vandenberg - said  to have read the  now-famous 1948 "Estimate
 of the Situation" and subsequently  ordered it downgraded and destroyed
 for lack of evidence that UFO's were interplanetary.

o Roscoe  Hillenkoeter -  Former board member  of NICAP  and proponent
 of UFO reality.

o Vannevar Bush -  Mentioned in the formelry top secret  Canadian "Smith
 memo" of November 21, 1950, as the head of a "concentrated effort" to
 study UFOs.

o Nathan Twining  -  Authored  a well-known  September  1947  Air Force
 memo strongly endorsing the serious nature of UFOs.

o Donald Menzel - Author of 3 books debunking the UFO phenomenon.

o Lloyd Berkner - member of the CIA's "Robertson Panel" of 1953.

Panel  members'  background show  that  most  had  connections to
 either  the National Security Council or the Research  and Development
 Board (R&DB).  The R&DB figures  prominently in testimony given  to us
 by Dr.   Robert Sarbacher and CAUS is convinced that UFO file material
 exists in the R&DB's holdings at the National Archives.

Another curiousity.  General Twining's pro-UFO  "flying discs" memo (see
 CLEAR INTENT, pp.213-214) dated September 23, 1947,  comes only five
 days after the MJ12 report.  Could  Twining's possible connection to an
 MJ12  panel have had an influence on his wr iting of the 9/23/47 memo?

The listing of Vandenberg and particularly Donald  Menzel as MJ12
 members is a major curiousity  since both had later  negative
 involvement in UFOs.   If an MJ12 Panel concluded that UFOs were real,
 Menzel's and Vandenberg's debunking would seem illogical.  Or would it?

If a singular  incident of high national security importance  occurred,
 like a Roswell incident, such could be classified  more highly even
 that the H-Bomb, as the Smith  memo so aptly put  it.  As study of  the
 phenomenon progressed, secrecy would  be of  the utmost  importance and
 any effort  to diffuse  the interest of  the public and
 non-need-to-know personnel would  be encouraged. Therefore, General
 Vandenberg, by batting  down Project Sign's  "Estimate of the
 Situation", would be preventing undue attention from