subject: FIND sux, GREP rulez
posted: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 17:23:57 -0000

I haven't tested the FIND.EXE that comes with XP or Vista but I
presume they will be almost identical, but when testing with Windows
2000, I discovered that FIND.EXE sux bad!!!

It is chronically slow compared to the GNU GREP 2.0d I was using for
comparison. GREP does the same job perhaps 20 times faster, so much
faster you'll first wonder whether it worked properly, and then
you'll wonder what the hell FIND was doing with your CPU!

Also FIND.EXE seems to be limited to a line length of 1024
characters, this causes it to truncate lines of incoming data, and is
thus a bad choice for data processing.

GREP also supports regular expressions, and can match multiple items
on a single pass, making it far and away a superior tool.

Using FIND? Dump it! FIND is a poor imitation of the real thing -
you'll note that FIND's /i and /v parameters just happen to match
GREP's -i and -v.

I'm using Tim Charron's grep, download here:

For a whole bunch of unix tools that run on Windows, including a
newer port of GNU GREP, try this..


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