Copyright 2003, Stuart Udall

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version 0.06: September 15, 2003

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PGPSHELL is an easy-to-use front-end for PGP and/or GPG.

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  • requires Windows 9X/NT4/2K/XP
  • PGP support requires PGP 2.x (later versions untested)
  • GPG support requires GPG 1.2 or higher (earlier versions untested)
  • SMTP support requires BLAT 1.9.4 or higher (earlier versions untested)

  • the following points are this program's terms and conditions of use:
  1. this program is hereinafter known as "the Software"
  2. the Software comes with no warranty and is used at your own risk
  3. the Software is not (and will never be) complete and as such may behave strangely
  4. the Software is the copyrighted property of the author
  5. the Software is freely distributable
  6. there is a feedback form here
  7. the Software is shareware - if you like it, please register by sending a cheque or money order for 10 pounds sterling to the following address:
    Stuart Udall
    PO Box 2855
    United Kingdom W1A 6LW
    Registering does two things:

    1. encourages me, and helps me buy bread, water etc
    2. lets me email you when I make a new version

    The software provided is fully functional however and nothing will happen if you never register. Except I may die, and you may miss out on an important bugfix. :)

    Thankyou in advance. If you want me to email you with updates etc., don't forget to include your email address!

    A printable form is here.

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  1. run the self-extracting distribution archive
  2. if you don't have BLAT installed, and you wish to use the encrypt-and-email feature, download BLAT from and install it

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  1. PGPSHELL does not require configuration prior to use
  2. if PGPSHELL.INI is found in the current directory, PGPSHELL will attempt to load the settings smtpserver and smtpsender from it.

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  • type PGPSHELL from the command line

    This will cause PGPSHELL to start. There are no commandline parameters.

  • select an option - if additional information is required, it will be requested.

    Available options are currently:

    • encrypt/decrypt a file
    • encrypt and email a file
    • list keys
    • sign/import/export/delete a key
    • generate keys

    To use symmetric encryption (eg. to encrypt the file using a secret key typed in during encryption, and again during decryption), select encrypt file as usual, however leave the User ID field blank.

    Note: do not use symmetric encryption if you must send the secret key to another person over an insecure channel (eg. the internet). This is because the sender and receiver must both know the secret key in order to encrypt or decrypt the file. If you tell the receiver the secret key over an insecure channel, a third party may also obtain it, and thus be able to decrypt your file. Use public-key (asymmetric) encryption to send a file securely to another person over an insecure channel - you'll need their PGP/GPG key, however.

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There are many features that PGPSHELL doesn't yet support.

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  • more features will be added as needed!

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January 12, 20030.01initial development; basic key management functions
January 20, 20030.02added GPG support and encrypt/decrypt
January 21, 20030.03added keysigning
February 3, 20030.04added fingerprint display when listing keys
August 27, 20030.05bugfix to allow userid's with spaces; added encrypt-and-email
September 15, 20030.06added support for symmetric encrypt/decrypt

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