partition types

Following is an exhaustive list of partition types as of May 2001 (data courtesy Powerquest):
 00 unknown type or empty
 01 12-bit FAT
 02 XENIX root file system
 03 XENIX /usr file system (obsolete)
 04 16-bit FAT, partition <32 MB
 05 Extended partition or Extended volume
 06 16-bit FAT, partition >=32 MB
 07 Installable file system: HPFS, NTFS
 08 AIX bootable partition / AIX (Linux) / SplitDrive / OS/2 (thru Version 1.3)
 08 Dell partition spanning multiple drives (array) / Commodore DOS 
 09 AIX data partition / AIX Bootable (Linux) / Coherent filesystem
 0A Coherent swap partition / OPUS / OS/2 Boot Manager
 0B 32-bit FAT
 0C 32-bit FAT, EXT INT 13
 0E 16-bit FAT >= 32 MB, Ext INT 13
 0F Extended partition, Ext INT 13
 10 OPUS
 11 Hidden 12-bit FAT
 12 Compaq diagnostics 
 14 Hidden 16-bit FAT, partition <32 MB
 14 Novell DOS 7.0 (result of bug in FDISK?)  
 16 Hidden 16-bit FAT, partition >= 32 MB
 17 Hidden IFS
 18 AST Windows swap file
 1B Hidden 32-bit FAT
 1C Hidden 32-bit FAT, Ext INT 13
 1E Hidden 16-bit FAT >32 MB, Ext INT 13 (PowerQuest-specific)
 24 NEC MS-DOS 3.x
 3C PowerQuest Files Partition Format
 3D Hidden NetWare
 32 NOS - developed by Alien Internet Services
 40 VENIX 80286
 41 Personal RISC Boot 
 42 Secure File System (NOTE: Type 42 can also be Windows 2000 dynamic extended partition)
 44 GoBack
 50 Ontrack Disk Manager, read-only  partition, FAT partition (Logical sector size varies)
 51 Ontrack Disk Manager, read/writepartition, FAT partition (Logical sector size varies)
 51 Novell ?
 52 CP/M
 52 Microport System V/386
 53 Ontrack Disk Manager, write-only
 54 Ontrack Disk Manager 6.0 (DDO)
 55 EZ-Drive 3.05
 56 Golden Bow VFeature
 5C Priam EDISK
 61 SpeedStor
 63 Mach, MtXinu BSD 4.2 on Mach
 63 Unix Sys V/386, 386/ix
 64 Novell Netware 286
 64 SpeedStore 
 65 Novell Netware (3.11 and 4.1)
 66 Novell NetWare 386
 67 Novell NetWare
 68 Novell NetWare
 69 Novell NetWare NSS
 70 DiskSecure Multi-Boot
 75 PC/IX 

Codes 7A to 7F are not shown in the IMB or MS lists obtained by Hale Landis
 80 Minix v1.1 - 1.4a
 80 Old MINIX (Linux)
 81 Linux/Minix v1.4b+ / Mitac Advanced Disk Manager
 82 Linux Swap partition
 82 Prime 
 83 Linux native file system (ext2fs/xiafs)
 84 OS/2 hiding type 04h partition
 85 Linux Extended
 86 NT Stripe Set, Volume Set?
 87 NT Stripe Set, Volume Set? / HPFS FT mirrored partition 
 93 Amoeba file system
 94 Amoeba bad block table
 A5 FreeBSD/386
 A7 NextStep partition
 B7 BSDI file system or secondary swap
 B8 BSDI swap partition or secondary file system
 C0 CTOS (reported by a customer)
 C1 DR-DOS 6.0 LOGIN.EXE-secured 12-bit FAT partition
 C4 DR-DOS 6.0 LOGIN.EXE-secured 16-bit FAT partition
 C6 DR-DOS 6.0 LOGIN.EXE-secured Huge partition
 C7 Syrinx
 C7 Cyrnix 
 C7 HPFS FT disabled mirrored partition 
 D8 CP/M 86 
 DB CP/M, Concurrent CP/M, Concurrent DOS
 DB CTOS (Convergent Technologies OS)
 E1 SpeedStor 12-bit FAT extended partition
 E1 DOS access (Linux)
 E3 SpeedStor (Norton, Linux DOS R/O)
 E4 SpeedStor 16-bit FAT extended partition
 EB BeOS file system
 F1 SpeedStor Dimensions (Norton, Landis)
 F2 DOS 3.3+ second partition
 F4 SpeedStor Storage Dimensions (Norton, Landis)
 FE LANstep
 FF Xenix bad-block table