introducing Stuart
May 31, 1995 (as amended)

Hello, and welcome to my webpages. I like to ponder politics, philosophy and extraterrestrial life; the concept of the universe as an organism, and the implications of this for human society.

I'm into freedom, nature, culture and technology. I occasionally call myself a hacktivist. My favourite words are evolution and choice. I have faith in life's ability to thrive upon opportunity.

 click to enlarge (750Kb) I am from Perth, that most beautiful city pictured, which is located in the south-western corner of Australia. Perth is quite far away, however, and consequently I currently find myself back in London. I have had an interesting journey..

I've had fun at uni, and more fun doing tech support. I now run my own IT biz, and I'm getting into being an entrepreneur.

I also enjoy travelling, electronic music, programming computers, and playing Quake. Back in the day, I used to love playing Elite and Tradewars, whilst exploring BBSes and FidoNet and the new frontier of cyberspace.

I recently discovered I'm a bit of a freegan, although I do eat small portions of animal products, I'm a enthusiastic recycler, I conserve energy and minimise my consumption and waste, and I'm seriously anti-car, pro-environment, and pro-peace. I don't believe in all that anti-capitalist, anti-globalist stuff - I'm a freemarketer who believes in liberalisation of international trade rules - and I think that free markets have a lot to offer environmentalism, particularly with reference to tools such as carbon trading schemes.

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