previous article on this subject here; the BBC have picked up this story here. Meanwhile, in 1992, Israel was importing from the USA "at least one" of the ingredients needed to make Sarin - up to 141 tonnes of ingredients - until the transport plane crashed into Amsterdam.

45 new test deaths to be probed
Metro, Wednesday August 2, 2000 - page 2

A police investigation into the death of a former serviceman, who took
part in chemical warfare trials at Porton Down, Wiltshire, is also to
examine at least 45 other deaths, it emerged yesterday.

Police launched a criminal inquiry last year into the death of Ronald
Maddison in May 1953 after the deadly nerve agent Sarin B was dripped
onto his arm.

Relatives of other dead men have now contacted detectives following
publicity surrounding his death and Wiltshire police sources said they
may eventually look into a further 70 cases.

In all, 300 ex-servicemen claim to have disabilities, ranging from
breathing difficulties to kidney complaints, as a result of the tests.

The investigation could lead to the prosecution of former Ministry of
Defence staff and compensation claims by victims' families.

Wiltshire police have asked the Home Office for help in meeting the bill
for the enquiry, which is believed to be costing 40,000 pounds a month.