satellite imagery
December 6, 2000

 welcome to the Red Zone

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Curious? Perhaps it's because satellite imagery gets used for this.

TerraServer gets its images from two locations; United States Geological Survey (USGS) provides georectified digitized aerial photographs (known as digital orthophotoquads) from EarthExplorer, and SPIN-2 provides high-resolution satellite images.

SPIN-2 imagery is the highest resolution satellite imagery commercially available anywhere. This branded two-meter imagery is the result of a joint venture of SOVINFORMSPUTNIK (the Interbranch Association of Russian space agencies), based in Moscow; Aerial Images Inc. of Raleigh, N.C.; and Central Trading Systems Inc. of Huntington Bay, N.Y. The satellite imagery is distributed globally by SPIN-2 Marketing, which offers to the public cartographic quality, high-resolution images from Russian mapping satellite systems and new satellite imagery collected in early 1998.

The SPIN-2 images are digital, panchromatic, two-meter resolution images that have been geo-referenced and orthorectified. Currently, no other commercial system can provide two-meter resolution satellite imagery. The SPIN-2 image library contains extensive coverage of the Earth's surface--more than two million square kilometers--with images being added regularly from new satellite missions.

An original SPIN-2 image is a 40-kilometer-by-160 kilometer photographic swath taken by Russian mapping satellites. Because these broad images are too large to scan at once, each photograph is scanned into four separate 40-kilometer-square images. Each digital scan is then separated into four 20-kilometer square files. The image-editing process ultimately creates a "TerraServer SPIN-2" image that is 1/48th of degree wide by 1/96th of a degree high.

SPIN-2 images are ideal for use in digital mapping. SPIN-2 images are valuable for professional applications because of their exceptional clarity, image quality, and lack of distortion. These images are ideal for use in digital mapping; enhanced 911 and other public-safety system maps; environmental assessments; and management of forests and other natural resources.

The Microsoft TerraServer acts as an online catalog for the SPIN-2 image library. The images on the TerraServer are at full two-meter resolution, geo-referenced but not orthorectified. Orthorectified images, which are extremely useful for digital mappers, environmentalists, natural resource managers, and others using Geographic Information Systems may be ordered directly from SPIN-2 Marketing. Purchased images can be downloaded and selectively printed from TerraServer using the electronic commerce capabilities in TerraServer.

source: Microsoft TerraServer, USGS, Spin-2 Marketing