NOTE!...This document was given to ---------- on 10/04/88 by
4 persons who for obvious reasons must remain anonymous at
this time.  This document becomes extremely important when
viewed along with other documents and information.  It
becomes even more important when compared with PROJECT
PROJECT EXCALIBUR's mission is to develop a weapon which will
penetrate the earth to 1/2 mile and then detonate a nuclear
weapon in order to destroy the alien underground base in New


Notes from WX Division:  September 9, 1988

1.  There is an unprecedented push to develop a missile that
is capable of penetrating 1,000 meters of earth prior to

2.  The device under development carries a 1 megaton warhead.

3.  Some requirements & comments given to WX division were as

        A.  "The device must be capable of penetrating 1,000
             meters of tufa/hard pack soil and sustain no
             operational damage.  This type of soil is
             commonly  found in New Mexico, where we will be
             conducting the penetration tests."

        B.   "Missile apogee must not exceed 30,000 feet

        C.   "Impact deviation will not exceed 50 meters."

        D.   "We believe the Russians have constructed under
             ground bases in the Soviet Union 500 to 1,000
             meters deep.  Since their soil is the same that
             is found in New Mexico, accurate tests can be
             performed here (New Mexico).  Fallout shelters
             that deep are far too expensive for the United
             States to construct."

4.  The YY-II facility  is located in Los Alamos at the rear
of the "ice cave".  The "ice cave" or "ice" as it is
sometimes called, is a high security installation cut into
the side of the mesa Los Alamos sits on.  The entrance is via
the road under the diamond street bridge.  Macdonald's
restaurant is directly over the facility.  Entrance into the
cave can be seen by leaning over the cliff behind Macdonalds.
YY-II is double faraday shielded, the reason given was "to
attenuate computer emissions".  It would seem strange to do
this however, since the cave is surrounded by a 200 foot
thick wall of rock.

5.  An additional note:  contrary to information given to WX
division, the topsoil & underlying earth  in the Soviet Union
is not similar in density nor composition to that of New
Mexico soil.

(NOTE! WX = experimental weapons)