NWO conspiracy archive

 welcome to the Red Zone ...details of Operation Majority, "responsible for every aspect, project and consequence of alien presence on earth" (Cooper) ... there is another copy, with different formatting

details of Project Aquarius, which "was to collect all scientific, technological, medical and intelligence information from UFO/IAC sightings and contacts with alien life forms". (Cooper) ... there is also a summary of this project; includes CIA memo (Lambright)

details of The Secret Government, "The Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12" (Cooper) ... there is another copy, which also contains part II. There is more about MJ-12 (unknown) ... a 6Mb PDF entitled 'Majestic 12 Group - Special Operations Manual 1.01' has appeared here (US Govt?, 1954)

summary of Project Excalibur, which is "to develop a weapon which will penetrate the earth to 1/2 mile and then detonate a nuclear weapon in order to destroy the alien underground base in New Mexico" (unknown)

Underground Bases and the NWO (Phil Schneider, 1995)

Secret Societies/New World Order (Cooper)

a bit more on the "elusive" Project Grudge report #13 (Cooper)

Cooper alleges that AIDS and HIV are part of a strategy "to control or slow the growth of the Earth's population" ... tells Robert's Story ... describes insignia seen on craft ... and tells of his ET initiation

Perhaps more startling is this article on SV-40, a Simian (monkey) virus, which may cause cancer, which contaminated nearly 100 million polio vaccinations in America until 1963. Startling because it's straight out of a journal. Meanwhile, read about organophosphate insecticides, originally developed as a chemical weapon, now causing BSE. (The Atlantic, 2000; eYeIreland.com, 2000)

Cooper's substantiation ... and a transcript of his lecture, November 17, 1989

details of the aliens themselves from Project Beta (Bennewitz) ... an interview with Dr Paul F. Bennewitz (Jim McCampbell, 1984) and revelations from O.H. Krill, EBE held in the Ice Cave at LANL (Cooper)

Roswell, 1947: collected testimony (Schmidt, 1993), Roswell radio and newspaper, and images of EBE and two items of wreckage

summary of the involvement of Wright-Patterson AFB (Timothy Good, "Above Top Secret", 1988)

CUFON and their efforts with FOIA, June, 1986 ... what the NSA said regarding Project Aquarius ... and what Fred Olsen said right back (Capital Times, 1992)

documentation from the office of Dr. Robert I. Sarbacher November 29, 1983

testimony from William M. Steinman, including two letters to Stanton T. Friedman

statements attributed to William P. Lear (Tom Mickus)

a letter from John Lear December 13, 1987

documentation from Citizens Against UFO Secrets, June, 1986 and December 1987

John White's admirable analysis

testimony from the British Government

miscellaneous testimony

a UFO bibliography (ParaNet) and filelisting (UFONET I)

the NWO conspiracy image archive

.. US Plans to Topple Saddam (Reuters, 1999) .. while they quietly do business (Financial Times, 2000; New York Times, 2001; Eyes On America, 2001)

outline of A Skeleton Key to The Gemstone Files, a master conspiracy theory from Bruce Roberts (Caruana)

Note: this file was once monitored by a company that makes censorship software. This does not mean that the file was actually blocked, nor that the contents are special -- but it does mean someone thought enough of it to prevent, or consider preventing, other people from viewing it. This was the case for over a year. To celebrate this fact, a passage from the work in question:

"...Teddy sped off toward the Bridge, busted Mary Jo's nose when she tried to grab his arm from the back seat, and bailed out of the car as it went off the bridge. Mary Jo with a busted nose, breathed in an air bubble in the car for more than two hours waiting for help, while Teddy, assuming she was dead, to set up an alibi. Mary Jo finally suffocated in the air bubble, diluted with carbon dioxide. It took her 2 hours and 37 minutes to suffocate while Teddy called Jackie and Onassis..."


...here's the definition of "CIA non-appropriated funds" - and a few other things (Montague, 1996) ... how they handle it in Germany (BBC, 1999) .. and in North Carolina (BBC, 2002)... another take on the CIA/cocaine story which suggests Uncle Sam has been selling drugs since the 1940's (Sightings) ... this one implicates the CIA with opiates (Jim Hargrove, 1996) ... a whole heap of really important people who also think Satan is a twit (AP, 1998) ... a whole website devoted to the Cocaine Importation Agency ... comment from an anonymous 13-yo reader: "[these guys] are a little boofbrained."

Menwith Hill, UK

...here's their version of Truth (The Wall Street Journal, 1998) ... and how they get it (Covert Action Quarterly, 1996) - with substantiation of Echelon from the Australian Government (David Syme & Co, 1999) ... A European Echelon is evolving (The Sunday Times, 1998).. as the UKUSA Echelon unravels in Australia (ninemsn, 1999) ... Duncan Campbell takes us Inside Echelon (Duncan Campbell, 2000) .. a few keywords that may or may not give Echelon a little indigestion .... and two more photos of Menwith Hill listening station,24/Nov/2000:20:34:54,/vandra/parvati/6929.html,200,53436,-,Retro Mil blocked

British Ministry of Defence tests nerve gas on human guinea pigs (AFP/AAP, 1999) .. more Sarin deaths (Metro, 2000)

French nuclear testing in the south Pacific meets the origins of hacktivism (Assange, 2000)

the USAF's response to the Admiral Piri Reis World Map (Hapgood, 1966)

netspionage (The Washington Weekly, 1997)

an insight (DPA, 2000) into what they do in their spare (ZDNet UK, 1999) time (The Register, 2001)

even the Kiwis smell a rat (The Australian, 1999) ... and the Germans (Reuters, 1999).. and the French (Wired, 2000).

here's some ongoing detective work (Udall, 2002)

a timeline to the terror before and after September 11, 2001 (Nexus New Times Magazine, Vol 9 No 1, Dec 2001-Jan 2002) .. Germany and France say no (The Telegraph, 2002) ... meanwhile, the complex expands (IHT, 2002) - believe it, or not (The New York Times, 2002). The Rogue State Of The Union (Pilger, 2002)

Intelligence Analysis course notes, July 2000 (Cryptome, 2000)

a little on depleted uranium weapons (The Observer, 2001)

two articles concerning the secret reclassification of thousands of previously declassifed documents (The Washington Post, 2006, the NS Archive/George Washington University, 2006)

 the Ararat Anomaly Noah's Spaceshi^H^H^H Ark - CIA getaway car (Udall, 1999)

five more articles about it (The Washington Times, The Daily Telegraph, Agence France-Presse, 1997; Earth Observation Magazine, 1998)

here's a PDF containing six full images ... and the two best images extracted to TIFF at high-resolution Note: these are 2.5Mb and 5Mb, respectively

All six images in high-resolution TIFF are now online.

Note: these images were partially redacted (censored) before their release (not by me, I received them in this condition) - note white rectangles

photoreconnaissance systems and satellite imagery (Udall, 1999)

The American National Security Agency is involved with the prohibition of encryption. This is because the NSA's purpose is to intercept all communication, in order to "ensure superiority for America" - according to their website. This is why there's such a fuss about encryption - it prevents our governments from snooping on us. Most governments have laws which permit them to snoop on telephones and letters, but the dissemination of encryption technology frustrates this.. and they don't like it. see also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Export_of_cryptography [wiki]

In a new twist, evidence is emerging that mathematician Alan Turing, father of the field of Artificial Intelligence and key mind in the cracking of Nazi Enigma encryption codes in World War II, was murdered by the same Establishment he helped to save. After the war, he was "hounded by police and security agencies", and forced to undergo "hormone treatment" (Prof. Hilton, 1999). In 1954, Turing allegedly committed suicide by eating an apple laced with cyanide. How does such a mind conclude that suicide is a viable option? Guilt over his alleged homosexuality, is the traditional reason given. Who gives this answer? Why, the people who killed him, of course. Motive? He probably cracked Allied encryption over his breakfast cereal. Turing's mother believed his death to be an "accident".

 connecting... please wait In August 1999, a backdoor key in Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 was discovered which could allow anyone with an NSA badge access to any system running this software. Here's the press release, full details (Cryptonym, 1999), and articles from CNET, Wired, Russ Cooper (NTBugtraq, 1999), and The Register; here's some fallout in Germany following the discovery. (The Register, 2001)

FBI: "Why should anyone trust them?" -- Founder and Chief Technical Officer of a prominent Internet security company

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