flat-hunting and moving
October 4, 2004

the process of moving house

  1. Do sums. Determine how much per week in rent can be afforded (usually a maximum of around 33% of total income). Multiply this by eight to give a total figure required for 4 weeks' deposit plus 4 weeks' rent.
  2. Save up enough cash to pay the deposit on a new place, plus rent for the remainder of the month (once moved in)
  3. Offload any surplus items - the less to move, the better.
  4. Scour the classifieds for a suitable* dig.
  5. Ring up some of the advertised properties, speak with the advertiser, and maybe make an appointment for a viewing.
  6. Go and view a number of properties.
  7. Make a decision, and be accepted by the house.
  8. Get all that cash in hand and pay it to the new house, and get the key.
  9. Make an appointment with Man and Van, and pack up stuff.
  10. Move stuff to new house, then unpack it, and set it up.
  11. Build a working combination of computers, phone lines, cables, modems, drivers, and operating systems, such that the internet can be accessed.

* things to consider when flat-hunting

things to consider once moved in