life and liberty
March, 1997 (as amended)

Regimentation does not work because regimentation is incompatible with the continuous and accelerating process of change which inevitably occurs within whatever it is that is being regimented. Regimentation cannot work as it attempts to impose a static system upon the dynamic, evolving systems of life. The borders (good and bad, legal and illegal), which were only ever lines in sand, change without predictability, and consequently the static system becomes increasingly irrelevant, wasteful and toxic. Perfection is an illusion, as any solution can only ever be suited to the environment of the present, which is constantly evolving. Change is constant; static is stagnant; imperfection is inevitable.

A more cynical view might suggest that the Establishment knows all this, but chooses to stick with the suppression approach, in order to exploit those that are suppressed.

Yet, adversity encourages innovation - the more suppression, the less effective that suppression becomes. It's like pruning a plant - it grows back bushier than ever. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger (says Nietzsche). Life, being the ingenious little critter that it is, will grow around obstacles. Tax evasion. Gun control. Golden Staph. Weeds... censorship, drugs, prostitution, shop lifting... Burmese Nobel Laureates, sexual equality, industrial relations. All examples of the same paradigm: dynamic, living systems, growing, adapting, overcoming. Establishment, watch out.

Good and bad are subjective terms, value judgements that vary between individuals. Who is to say what is good or bad? How can they know? It is the future, it is impossible to judge. Does an ant comprehend the enormity of its actions, over the millenia? Are we not ants, relative to the universe? Every little action has consequences that stretch forward in time, forever. Yet, these consequences are entirely unpredictable, as the possibilities are infinite. This means it is impossible to know what is good or bad - one can but experience, and communicate.

The consequence of this is that while the Establishment may have implemented these various regimented social systems with the most altruistic of intent, the facts of the matter are that these systems do not prevent the things they are intended to prevent, they are wasteful, and they create an adversarial atmosphere which encourages irresponsibility and discourages responsibility, while dividing the community, and disempowering the individual while tyrannously furthering the State.

Yet, life does not simply overcome and discard, it embraces adversity. This means that a problem today is an opportunity tomorrow. Life will grow to depend on originally adverse circumstances; it will find synergies, and feed on them.

Thus, regimented systems consume resources before being overcome, creating pain, and fixing nothing, until then. And everybody who worked so hard to overcome that regimentation.. could have been doing something else. And due to the fundamental inapplicability of a regimented approach to a dynamic system, this outcome is inevitable.

To focus on regimentation is to divert attention from the need for every person to be responsible in their actions. Experience produces responsibility; regimentation denies it.

Check the outcomes of punishment, intervention and censorship.. of a regimented approach. You'll find wealth and power, misery and corruption, ignorance and subservience... you'll find modern society.

And if you don't think it's personal, click here. John! Can you hear me?? You can see how many pamphlets I've given out here... denouncing the episcopacy? Way to go, phatb0y.