my thoughts on Kundalini and meditation
February 2, 2000

Much discussion has surrounded the awakening of Kundalini energy within the individual. However, many practitioners suggest that doing so incorrectly may lead to serious personal injury. This article suggests that mediation is a safe method of awakening Kundalini:

Set some time aside to be at peace with yourself, and relax.. philsophise about this serpent of infinite power, coiled neatly at the base of your spine... it's not a nasty serpent.. it's a powerful serpent though.. you have to be gentle. Like a snake charmer, play your philosophies to this serpent, and see how he moves... you'll know if he likes it, you'll know if he doesn't. See if you can make him smile.. tune your philosophies with him, and he will rise, and be powerful with you.

The aim of meditation is simply to relax your mind and allow yourself to evolve, philosophically. it's not telling you to think of anything in particular ... it's simply a vehicle to free thinking.

Free thinking is defined as having put at bay, for now, the stresses of both the everyday world, and the person within... and achieving a state of internal harmony which allows you to float above these things. Once you're at free thinking, you can start wondering relatively objectively about the universe and stuff and because you're detached from subjectivity, you can see things you may not ordinarily see.. the third eye... is a lateral eye.

This state of free thinking is easier to achieve with practise.

That is all... the power is in your hands -- err, spine.

Khandalini is powerful because he both giveth and taketh away. Just as a screwdriver can be used as a weapon, Kundalini power can be used as a weapon. However, the effects of abuse of Kundalini are profound: it's philosophy which is ultimately compromised, and thus the repercussions will be felt for the rest of that Kundalini's samsara (life cycle).

That is, if someone discovers something about themselves and they use that discovery for selfish ends, ultimately their deeds will come back to haunt them in many ways, with consequences rebounding in all directions, always. The consumptive act creates a whorl of toxins around the consumer which, as they are concentrated mostly around the consumer, poisons the consumer the most. What goes around comes around...

So, tapping your Kundalini and getting ahead at other people's expense is not a good idea. In fact the more severe the philosophical compromise, the more severe the experienced outcomes. Just like the Real World, in the end you hurt yourself the most.

ON the other hand.. tap your Kundalini and give the energy away... watch it alight in those who embrace it... and witness the strength... of 6500 years worth of Hindu tradition.

PS: if you meditate and your head expands, do not panic; giggle and smile broadly, that is a mental orgasm, my friend! ;-)