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February 5, 2002 (as amended)

I have been attempting for some time to reconcile the existence of rules. My first attempt, formulated around 1994, was with censorship; this was based on earlier revelations about popular media. In 1996 I then expanded upon this framework to include all tools (including alcohol, or any other kind of drug, software, or any other kind of information, and weapons, or any other kind of implement).

And, I had a shot at integrating choice and privacy into my evolving conceptual framework, reflecting on the ramifications of global database and surveillance technologies. And I attempted to capture the vision.

In March 1997, I expanded the framework again, this time to include all regimentation (including laws, or any other kind of prohibitionist stance). This framework essentially asserts that no rule against any thing will be constructive, this essentially being because life has a propensity to overcome obstacles.

By now, I had noticed that the State is rotten - if I could explain how rules were unsustainable, why had others not explained it, and fixed it already? The rotten bit appeared to be organised religion, so I first attempted to debunk Noah, and then God himself.

Having concluded that organised religion did not stand up to empirical analysis, and having realised that further debunking would require research, I embarked upon a path of spiritual exploration. I now believe the answer to most riddles is entwined within the emergence of Earth Culture, the realities of extraterrestrial life, and the promise of interspecies collaboration.

My spiritual exploration has enabled me to more clearly enunciate my views on how the universe works; I've subsequently suggested scientific revisitation of astrology. In the hackers' Y2K conspiracy, I pen an evolving ethic. Meanwhile, Stuart's world news announces that it's time to do something constructive, and I speculate as to why, in contrast, some people continue operating systems of belief.

I turned the millennium with a burning resolve to do something; I know what's wrong with the world, and I know how to fix it, and people are listening... I have stopped waiting for my hero to appear.. I have decided I must be him, instead.

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