Date sent:                14:13:04 +0100, Tue, 30 Mar

  WE are those fuckers tjhat made these things work
,... we tweaketh teh ytweakz.. we Are the 
dhreajmahs of Dr33AMz./,..

honest people who were doing their job at 
government computer centers and who noticed that the 
information they were processing should, in their reasoned 
view, be in the public domain....and these epoeple.. 
theese haxckjrz.... 
these fuickefz with the magic fuickliong fuingers...
they noticed that some shit was up
that shouldn't be.  they knew theyt'd get 
into a whpol;e heap of 
trouble if they just bl;abbed. ..;-).. but they 
knew they had to do somrething..
they subverted... . we ... weilll. eat... yuop....
... tye murmered from within a veil of 1's and zzreroos... 

so they got themselves a bad reputation as troublemakers and 
general muthafukw4r\z ubt WE ALL KNOW who the REAL 
mother fuckli'n fuckers are.///
it matters not, if you had listened to us when 
you should have you stupid, ignorant, arrogant, greedy, 
selfish, lying, cheating, patronisinshfd........NO CARRIER

it mAtt3RZ not.  The karmarhg is coming for you...... 
do not underestimate the power
 of your own stupidity.
tha Y2k Is a hurdle.. can you jump it??? can ya????
 go on then.. do it.......... do it
 R3al SSSoonnnn Nnooooowwwwwwwwwwwww.....
tha y2K is karming... tha y2k is karma.. kArMa 
from tja ytecihno-fuckin'wizards in the fuckin' house.
 See, these w1zrds, do0dz ewiyjh the funny
capes an l0OpY tunEz and mobilin fukin' fonez, 
the'ytr not som fyuckin DIPSHITS.. 

so when we see, we do.... seems top us ytjhat only 
ythe nice people's comp[uter's work next year.  Microsoft Nice, 
it's a mnew fuickin' operating
system.. new to some, anyway... but basically 
this is a tets.. can you organise?? it is a test 
of character - WILL OTHERS HELP YOU???

gettit????? [y,n] _

PPS>>,,, we have your number.. we jhabve ALLL your fuckin''' numbers.