musings of a prototypical gen-Y'er
February 27, 2007

What a bunch of crap. The world, that is. It was supposed to be all peaches and cream, right? And look what we got.... a diseased, filthy planet drowning in its own waste. A political and economic adhocracy - staffed primarily by our own parents - totally inadequate and mostly unprepared for the global civilisation we are.

An adhocracy that has made a mint - lined its own nest - at the expense of the future. An adhocracy which prefers to hide from reality, sugar-coat it and dress it up as nice and clean and pure and wholesome, brainwash its children with these images and then shove them into the adult worlds of war and selfishness without so much as a good fucking luck, you're gonna need it.

There might be a few gen-X'ers out there who are decent humans - people like David Suzuki who called it how it was 20 years before anyone else dared - but unfortunately they are drowned out by the massed ravings of the clueless. I mean, how can a trivial issue like climate change compete with Beverly Hills 90210? It's only now, 20 years later and with the planet literally melting that the idyllic garbage that was passed off as reality is finally being recognised for what it is.

This particular Gen-Y'er is seriously annoyed that it took so long for the clueless to disappear. This website, which is 12 years old this year, has been banging on about climate change since its inception. In fact I'm totally bored of it, and would dump it as an issue except it's so important.

Why did it take so long? As mentioned, it's due to the selfish, clueless nature of the generations immediately preceding ours. And we are left holding the baby. The people responsible should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, however they are mostly dead - and good riddance to them all.

So, here we are, with our electronic music, ubiquitous mobile phones, and always-on internet. What do we do now? Our parents have binged on the planet's resources, just like an animal. Recall that you can't give a dog too much food, it will eat it all and be sick. That's us, as stupid as a dog, stuffed to the gills with our children's children. Nice.

What do we do? My tip is to reject, throw away, delete anything that is remotely old. It's almost all rubbish. It's either made of some toxic shit that has since been banned, represents toxic shit that has since been banned, or will cause more of the toxic shit we currently find ourselves standing in.

Don't get me wrong - there is some quality old stuff - the phrase "do as you would be done by", for example - but these are rarities.

I'm saying, throw away our national political systems. Throw away our old-world protectionist economies. Throw away our consumption-based lifestyle. Throw away anything that represents the old. This world has got really messed up because of the old - this must be fixed, and that means a good spring clean.

And anyone who disagrees - delete them as well. They are fools, part of the problem, and will prolong the agony for the rest of us if we let them. So, they must be rejected as well until they either die, or change their mind.

Yeh, it's harsh - but when our back is against the wall, and ours is, with the water level rising and no visible means of escape, tough decisions need to be made, if the chickens finally come home to roost for these unsustainable ideologies, all the better.

So, here's the plan: change your life, change your world, or die. Unless you are already living a sustainable lifestyle, you have no choice but to do this. Your fellow humans will not tolerate your wasteful idiocy forever. We all live on this crowded little planet together; there is only room for those who have learned to share.