...something's rotten in the State.
January 28, 2000

Governments have no place making laws, choosing directions and being arbitrary. This is placing the cart before the horse - people are what matters, government is a way of getting things done but they are not authorised to choose, and were never authorised to choose. Government is implementor, co-ordinator and faciliator, but never dictator. The government exists for the people, of the people and by the people. That means that if the people can choose, the government butts out and makes it happen as it is told to make it happen. People are best placed to determine the kind of world they live in, because they live in it.

Government's excuse for being arbitrary and paternalistic has been that the people are uninformed and generally not in a position to make a decision. The solution to this problem is not to take the power from the people (as the so-called democracies of today do) but to empower them to use it wisely. This empowerment can only come from continuing education, from freely flowing information and from feedback processes. People must be able to choose and see the consequences of their choice. Next time they face a similar situation they can apply their experience and make a better choice. With time, people will acquire the ability to make the decisions government says they can't.

Of course, nothing's going to happen if the informed voice of the people cannot be heard. Perhaps once the media used to be a good tool for that, but time has seen the media evolve into the powerful, manipulative monster that it once reported upon. Indeed, the media is now little more than a mouthpiece for trumpeting the virtues of the owner's mega-corporation, while trumpeting the vices of everyone else's. It's not too late for people though: technology like the internet has evolved to provide a voice. That is if we can keep the government away from it.

Technology has always been the liberator of the people. People can exploit each other by possessing tools (information and technology) that others don't. Technology either subverts this power (by making it obsolete), or balances it (as eventually everyone has the same weapons, they enjoy peace, via mutually assured destruction). As a technology spreads through a population, the relative power of the originators of the technology declines. Thus, as technology has spread, power has dissolved from the concentrated, exploitative world of the feudal oligarchy (typified by punishment, religion, intervention and the mass media) into the hands of everyday people.

Even a cursory examination of history reveals how those in power have traditionally suppressed this process of dissolution by interfering in education, licensing transport and controlling information. Not too pretty is it? Surely those fat cats weren't getting rich by accident? Debate about power corrupting is moot: power IS corruption, it is influence that is intended for people and diverted and accumulated by the oligarchy.

But anyway, this Canutish oligarchy is doomed, as the process of dissolution is inevitable. Best of all, it's nearly complete. People everywhere are speaking out about whatever they want. Lobby groups abound. Nasty people are getting voted out or are dead. They try and fortify their positions with their families and their business empires; but Time is passing, and people are learning.

Change is increasingly with us, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. What can be done, though, is to give change a chance. It can be resisted, tolerated or embraced. Resistance is useless. Tolerance will do, but it is only with the embracing of change that the opportunities afforded by change can be best built upon. Run with it. Contribute to it. Depend on it.

So what I'm saying is take a stand, get out there and make it happen. DON'T LISTEN to those nasty people selling books, guns and licenses. TAKE THE POWER that is available to all of us through our ability to communicate AND USE IT to bring about change that will make life better for future generations, for this planet and indeed for the universe.

People have been prevented from co-operating, by authority itself -- which knows that to divide is to conquer.