Dear believers in God (all of them)
October 12, 2005

How can you fail to grant the abilities of yourself? How can you think, I can't do that, I need God's help? How weak do you think you are? Where is your ego? Do you have no sense of self-worth? Your skills, none, your judgement, shallow?

And then - how can you fail to grant the abilities of your fellows? How can you say, we can't do that, we need God's help? How little do you trust your friends? And your neighbours? Your colleagues, impotent also?

And then - how can you fail to grant the abilities of nature? How can you say, nature didn't do that, God did it? Do you have no faith in your own eyes? Can you not follow the basic logic of boy meets girl?

What else - do you really need someone else to tell you what to think? Why can you not make up your own mind? Why don't you go and learn what you need to learn, so that you can make decisions for yourself?

But really - have you heard of self-fulfilling prophesies? Can you imagine what happens when you raise children to believe that they, they fellow citizens, and everything they see around them is just a sideshow? A divine happenstance? An immaculate accident?

Responsibility of all kinds is abrogated. Searches for deeper truths are cut short. A world which might be easily digested if explained logically is rendered chaotic. People become disempowered, ignorant and suspicious. Careful, ordered progress gives way to random, poorly focused survival.