subject: simple phishing fix
posted: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 13:47:45 +0100

Soo y'all know not to click on those emails from your bank, or from
any other bank, in your inbox and now you just delete them ... why
not automate this process? It's easy, just filter a whole bunch of
banking names straight to your deleted items.

All you do is create a rule for each bank, which deletes any mail
from that bank, automatically.

The rule should read something like "if the FROM field contains the
string XXXXX then DELETE message".

Here's a list of strings to enter into your rules...

Royal Bank of Scotland

The funny part is that because phish are trying to look as legitimate
as possible, you can bet that they will use the correct domainname
for the bank. Which means they are extremely easy to filter... end
of problem....


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