about these pages
May 31, 1995 (as amended)


These pages attempt to facilitate information interchange. I believe that improvement in the quality of communication results in improvement in the quality of life. With communication comes understanding, and with understanding comes trust, and respect, and co-operation, and growth.

Consequently, my goal when creating these pages (back in May, 1995!) was to improve the quality of communication. Time has passed; I can say that it's working.. in fact it has improved the quality of my life. By creating and nurturing these pages, I, and the collective mind created by sharing them on the internet, have evolved... this continues to be a very rewarding process.

I have these webpages because I would like peace and happiness for all people, everywhere. I feel this can be achieved by enabling others to be all that they can be.

 a fractal message These pages have in themselves evolved, symptomatic of the wider process of evolution that exists everywhere. I see infinite legions of organic structures, clambering over each other in ever-increasing haste to some unforseeable and unavoidable climax, a climax in itself but a part of a wider, deeper structure, clambering with means unique, but to the same unforseeable and unavoidable ends. I've had a few organic structures myself - cheers Terence!

Complexity is everywhere, even inside computers, apparently. I keep this because it reminds me that no matter how logical and structured computers are, they can still yield complete junk, if they are fed complete junk. It is a great illustration of Ye Olde Computinge Adage #405: Garbage In, Garbage Out...

It's actually a hobby of mine to collect examples of machines outputting non-linear data. It seems to me there is stuff to be learned at this most-measured edge of the Mandelbrot set. For example, the static above was created when an image plotting routine inadvertently analysed its own output... this is a feedback loop, the most-magical of all natural entities, responsible for all resonance in the universe. Seemingly SFA to do with computers. And yet, insidious little critter that it is, it comes out of my computer anyhow. This one's pretty funny too - it was created when an email started bouncing back and forth between two servers. Again, the loop reveals itself. The loop is not to be underestimated. The email eventually grew so large, it crashed one of the servers.

 Due to essential maintenance work, this area of spacetime is permanently unstable...Yes, this means that these pages will always be "under construction" :-)

To visualise these concepts, check out Spanky, or look at a tree, the clouds, stock prices, a newspaper.. the night sky. If this is inconvenient, examine the arrangement of items around the monitor upon which you read this, dust particles included; the arrangement is a chaotic system too.

Here's some webserver stats.

These pages look best with Opera. I try not to promulgate Microsoft anything. I do check these pages with [that other program], but it's just not feasible for me to have them took wonderful on all platforms. Besides, I have a theory that some things don't work properly in IE on purpose ...

Your comments are most welcome.