"...you've heard of the Cold War - well this is a Cold Coup. In a cold coup, there is no shouting, and there are no executions in the street - just as the cold war had no battle, the cold coup has no takeover. You can hardly tell it has happened. Most people, hurrying about their lives will never notice the door that once opened now doesn't - because they never try to open it. The cold coup does not seek publicity, it avoids it. The strategy is to become so powerful that by the time it is noticed, it cannot be stopped. It depends upon an assumption that most people will not recognise it for what it is until it's too late."

"...there are three known ways to recognise a cold coup. The first is the chill that soon descends upon all things government - secrecy, obstruction, obfuscation, stonewalling and countless inconclusive investigations. The second is the bitter infighting that inevitably erupts inside government itself, as the forces of the coup collide with entrenched lines of power. And the third - the third is when government does a lot of bad things, while smiling broadly and claiming it's all in the interests of national security. Individually, these factors might constitute incompetence; together though, indicates a pattern of criminal activity."

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