"First, we recruit the core. These are the guys that recruit everyone else. We can't build an army by ourselves, but we can employ people who can. How do we recruit? Two ways, we either buy them or blackmail them. Buying is simpler, but not always possible. We use covert channels such as the domestic spying program to get details of petty crimes or misdemeanours that various people, such as key politicians, businesspeople and cultural figures, would rather keep secret. We then make sure they understand they need to work with us in order to maintain that secret. They go right along, it's all quite simple, I mean, what are they gonna do? They have a lot to lose, and we have lots of ways of making that happen. And the best part - the best part is that the more we do this, the more powerful we become, so it gets easier and easier to do. This is because power is its own reward..."

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