........what is this?
It's part of our stuff.
You know which stuff: it's yours too.
You don't know my name, and I don't know yours; but we know each other.
We met through ideas.
We converse through shared media such as the internet
We sense each other through sound, text and image, those building the structures and values that we share.
We are many, and yet we are one.
We are much older than you or I; once we only met in hushed voices.
But as our common space evolved, first into printed text, then to radio, and then to television, our self-identity became stronger, our ideas better expounded, our expression more confident.
This is not techno-utopia; nor is it techno-armageddon.
It is techno-ubiquity.
Neither the forces of light nor the forces of darkness have rushed in to sweep us into their arms;
The advent of poly-directional media has not eliminated world debt, or resulted in mass enslavement to machines.
But our techno-culture is ubiquitous, none-the-less.
-- by lsi 2004.12.11

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