"...And the Apple Pie - that's the biggest lie of all. (laughs) The Apple Pie is the great symbol of American prosperity and wholesomeness and from the cradle, we teach ourselves how tasty the pie is. We grow up to think we can all, if we just try, get ourselves a slice of that fat, juicy pie. In a perfect world, that might be true - but this isn't a perfect world, is it. Instead, in reality, only a privileged few eat that pie. The rest, they eat the crumbs, if they are lucky - but they think this IS the pie. Do you see? They think they've had their fair share, but they have no idea how big the other slices are. They *believe* they have had their fair share. And so they don't complain. Instead, they help us make our slices bigger. They love doing this because they think maybe it will make their slice bigger, and so it does - at $5.15/hr (laughs again). And this is Huxley's dream. If the people love their servitude, they will happily live in the brave new world we build for them..."

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