Did you ever want to know what They want to know about you? Here's a list, synthesised from news reports concerning the "National HUMINT Collection Directive", sent by the US State Department to US diplomats around the world in July 2009:

    iris scans
    DNA samples
    credit card details
    telephone numbers
    email addresses
    encryption keys
    frequent flyer numbers
    equipment markings
    vehicle details
    details of security systems
    specification of telecoms and IT systems
    planned upgrades to telecoms and IT systems
    network configuration
    physical network layout
    key personnel/contacts
    key functions/roles

Quite a laundry-list, just perfect for identity theft, stalking, fraud, and cracking. What use could such a wholesome organisation as the USG have for such a list? It's so odd, because their buddies at the FBI spend their lives busting people who do these very things.

Perhaps laws are just for cheese-eating foreigners?

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